Fender Thumb-Rest For Precision & Jazz Bass - Black, FENTHUMBREST

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Fender Thumb-Rest For Precision & Jazz Bass - Black, FENTHUMBREST

Fender Thumb-Rest For Precision & Jazz Bass - Black, FENTHUMBREST

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If you really want to make a guitar yours, here’s some essential (and fairly easy) electric guitar setup and modification ideas that will improve playability. How you should place your thumb when playing the bass also depends on your physiology. Thus, a technique that works wonders for others, could feel painful for you. Please keep in mind that you will be drilling holes into your instrumentso if you aren’t comfortable doing this or are not willing to do it the right way, (missing the right tools or something) then you shouldn’t be doing this so that you don’t damage your instrument! One of these annoyances is the fact that most bases today actually don’t come with a thumb rest (I honestly think they pretty much all should). This means that if you start to rely on your thumb rest or get used to it it’s going to feel really weird when you don’t have it.

Beim Spielen muss man sich dran gewöhnen, sich nicht zu sehr drauf zu stützen, weil sich der Thumbrest sonst ein bisschen mitbewegt (deshalb 1Stern Abzug), aber mit ein bisschen Übung kommt man ganz gut damit zurecht. Ich kann mit dem Thumb Rest präziser und schneller spielen. Gerade wenn man im Stehen spielt, ist der Gold Tone eine gute Hilfe für die Genauigkeit. When Leo Fender first introduced the bass guitar in the 50s it had a tug bar. Nowadays, thumb rests and tug bars are a rare sight, and manufacturers hardly ever add them to their basses. This position does have several disadvantages though. It commits you to a rounder and darker tone, as you will always be playing high up on the strings. The comfortability of this position can also greatly vary between basses, and your range of motion will be limited. Once you’ve found exactly where you want the thumb rest to go, poke one of the screws into both of the holes so that you know exactly where to drill.This can be annoying because if this happens it will instantly stop any sound coming from that note. We uncover the Top 9 Best Jazz bass guitars for Jazz musicians of all levels. With offerings from Fender, Ibanez, Sandberg and more. This is because using your thumb as a movable anchor, or playing with a floating thumb is generally preferable. I say this because I find methods to allow for better dexterity and fluidity. I personally prefer making mine parallel with the strings but the steps are the same either way. If you aren’t sure which way you’ll like better, play a couple of scales or something and see if your thumb sits at any kind of angle. If you're finding that your bass guitar is not quite 'right' when you play it, hand it over to an experienced bass tech and see how they can improve it for you. It could be something simple that will make all the difference!

Both of the above explanations are correct. Generally speaking, if what is now known as a finger rest or thumb rest is mounted on the treble side (“below” the strings), the traditional name for it is a tug bar. When placed on the bass side (“above” the strings), it’s known as a finger rest or thumb rest. Why are there two names for the same thing? For the fretting hand thumb, the above points should serve as a starting point. By tailoring the placement slightly to find a position that works for you and doesn`t feel painful you will make playing easier and prevent injuries down the road.

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Thus, while “tug bar” and “thumb rest” are often used interchangeably, they don`t mean the exact same thing. Both words refer to a similar piece that is attached to the bass. The difference lies in where we attach it. Thus, in modern times, bassists who play old-school basses with tug bars generally just like how the bar looks, or have simply not cared to remove it.

If you've got a tired old bass guitar that you know in your heart has more to give, we thoroughly recommend learning how to make a few modifications to your bass guitar to get the best out of it.

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This is because there is no set answer to where to place your thumb. Rather, there are different methods for making strings easily reachable and for keeping your tone consistent.

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