Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 Codex: Dark Angels

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Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 Codex: Dark Angels

Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 Codex: Dark Angels

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Warhammer Community: The Road to Thramas – Part 5: The Lion (posted 4/5/2020) (last accessed 4/6/2020) Lastly, I could say a thousand more words on Deathwing Knights than what was covered above, but simply put they’re one of the best datasheets in the game and are well worth your time. Add a Captain in Terminator Armour with Adept of the Codex to keep them in Tactical Doctrine when they don’t need to go supersonic, and consider an Ancient in Terminator Armour to bump up their low OC, and go to town. The ruins of Caliban are located in the Cadian Sector, close to the Eye of Terror. Prior to the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy, the planet of Caliban was covered with lush forests inhabited by creatures warped by Chaos. The humans of the planet were a proud, martial people forced to live in great fortress monasteries of stone. [Needs Citation]

Dark Angels are Space Marines, and they don’t fall far from the Index’s tree – you can see the Faction Focus for the Core Chapters here which covers the generic information for both Marines and Gladius Task Force. Deathwing Knights might look underwhelming, but have you heard of Synergy?: Deathwing Knights single-handedly spawned an archetype centered around using them with all of the myriad buffs you can contribute to them from Gladius such as Oath of Moment for full rerolls, and Honour the Chapter for the spicy Lance and +1AP while in Assault Doctrine. Which just so happens to solve the mobility problem that is inherent to a M5 model by granting Advance and Charge. One of the few true melee units in the game that can keep pace with how difficult it can be to get to combat as well as how pillowfisted it can feel when you get there. Want to mow down Lychguard? Charge Custodes, have them fight first then chew them up like Pac-Man right after? Deathwing Knights are your unit. -1 Damage. 4 Wounds. Armour of Contempt. Truly they do it all. Date Unknown: Battle for Prefectia — Dark Angels with support of the Imperial Knight Capulan fought there with the Tau KV128 Stormsurge, piloted by Shas'vre Doros. [37]

How They’ll Play

Inquisitor [4 PL, 65pts]: Chainsword, Frag & Krak grenades, Hereticus – Scourging, Inferno pistol, Ordo Hereticus Mind Wipe (Malediction) – WC 7 –Select one aura ability that unit has. Until the start of your next psychic phase, that unit loses that aura ability. This is a spell that can find a lot of use, in the right kind of matchups. As this is a spell that needs to be chosen in list building, I have never been able to bring myself to use it. The casting amount is fine, and the range is also fine, but the effect of taking up a heavily contested magic slot is a miss for me. C

Aversion (Malediction) – WC 6 – Select one enemy unit within 24″ of this PSYKER. Until the start of your next Psychic phase: Ravenwing Apothecary [6 PL, -1CP, 135pts]: Bolt pistol, Chapter Command: Chief Apothecary, Frag & Krak grenades, Selfless Healer, Stratagem: Hero of the Chapter

Fast Attack

Paragon of the Chapter (1 CP) –Use this Stratagem after nominating a DARK ANGELS CHARACTER model that is not a named character to be your WARLORD. Generate one additional Warlord Trait for them; this must be from the Dark Angels Warlord Traits table. Each Warlord Trait in your army must be unique (if randomly generated, re-roll duplicate results). You can only use this Stratagem once. Just a fantastic ability to apply to about any warlord you can think of. That is not named. My current favorite thing to do is use this on my Ravenwing Chapter Champion with The Armor Indomitus. Giving him the Iron Will Warlord trait (+1W and ignore wounds on a 6++), and the -1 to be hit Ravenwing Warlord trait. You can do a lot of zany things with this, and it will be something you use in most of your lists. A

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