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For Facts Sake

For Facts Sake

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Instead, Brendan O’Carroll is Brendan O’Carroll and it isn’t weird at all, because it turns out that Brendan O’Carroll is exactly the same as Mrs Brown. Same voice, same intonation, same jokes, same everything. Playing Mrs Brown all those years, you figure, can’t have been too much of a stretch for him.

Fiona is competitive but I didn't feel a rivalry as such, I just didn't think she was capable of beating me. Rumours of her cheating are untrue... probably. If she defeated me, it was fair and square... probably.

Not really between myself and Paddy, because we know each other so well. We've been best friends since we were 10 years old. I know and he knows that I could never beat him in a general knowledge quiz but he also knows that he could never beat me in ANY sport. With Fiona maybe a little bit... (laughs). Factual warfare! The facts I believed to be true were in fact lies. Next time somebody offers me a fact or piece of trivia I will investigate it thoroughly, at a minimum I'll google it. Not really. We are all pretty competitive but against each other it's really just a bit of fun. It allows for some good banter! (Danny might say different). Myself and Danny have never had any rivalry, we first met as ten year olds while fighting each other, even then Danny was cheering for me to win (which I did). But with this he was a different animal. We haven't spoken since.

There is a premise, although it’s one that has to be scraped from a wall before it can be identified. O’Carroll officiates between two teams; the leader of one is his real son, and the leader of the other is the guy who plays his son on TV. The rest of the team is made up of members of the studio audience, all of whom are desperate to milk their 15 minutes until it cries. I think the best thing was having a laugh with my audience team mates. There are some really weird/funny/interesting people out there. While that history of his was interesting, the book gets better once he joins Blizzard of Oz with Ozzy Osbourne. While I am a tremendous fan of Ozzy Osbourne, one may lose considerable respect for Ozzy. Does one regard him as a puppet of Sharon and her dad, Don Arden, or was he part of being manipulative in dealing with Bob and Lee Kerslake? Read the book and decide for yourself, for Mr. Daisley spells it all out and for me, this was the strongest part of the book.

Great story for heavy metal fans. Amazing to see the treachery of Sharron Osbourne (and Ozzy's enabling of it) laid bare. I do wish he had an editor though. I could easily cross off 1/3 of the paragraphs in this book and it would have made a better read. He has amazing stories about how Blizzard of Ozz was formed and how great songs were written, but they're mixed in with stories about how he once heard an old lady get confused about the temperature of soup when the waitress said it was "cool." And there's also the time that he farted really bad in a strip club. Zzzzz. And then there are several really cringy stories that come off as racist, sexist, and antisemetic. He uses the term, "Lets haggle, Big Nose," not once, but TWICE in the book. He also gives some great on-the-ground reporting about being in Manhattan during 9/11, which is amazing and powerful. But then he wraps it up with a cringey paragraph about how 9/11 was probably an inside job. Ouch. Which means it’s going to be a titanic success. Mrs Brown’s Boys wasn’t for me either, and that was huge. I really tried, too. I watched episode after episode of Mrs Brown’s Boys, examining it from every possible angle to try and work out why so many people found it so hilarious, and every single time I ended up feeling lost and angry and scared. Watching Mrs Brown’s Boys makes me feel like a part of my brain is missing. And the same can absolutely be said of For Facts Sake. Brendan (aka Dad) makes a great host anywhere. Although on this show I'm sure he probably felt more like a referee at times. The fact Kirsty Gallacher said I was lovely. I can't remember what she said exactly but I do remember at the time it made me feel warm and fuzzy. Jenny. Without a shadow of a doubt. Nobody likes losing but Jenny takes it to another level. I was reliably informed she asked for a full recount of all scores in the hope of securing the win.

Out of all the people that Dad could have asked to be a team captain on his panel show I still wonder why he asked me. I think viewers will finally see that there's not much acting involved when playing the part of Buster Brady, ha ha. Viewers will see you competing against your best friend Danny and on screen wife Fiona, was there any rivalry between you? There are moments when Brendan O’Carroll looks absolutely scared out of his mind. He hasn’t done an awful lot of stuff as himself, and you can tell In short, whatever. I could say anything here. I could warn the world against watching For Facts Sake. I could honestly and sincerely tell you that sitting through an episode will actively make you stupider. I could talk about what a waste of colour and noise it is, or point to it as a reason why everyone just watches Netflix now.Read more: Mrs Brown’s Boys star Brendan O’Carroll lands new role as host of BBC One quiz show For Facts Sake

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