Scotts EvenGreen Drop spreader, Grass and Lawn Seed Spreader, for Easy Application of Lawn Products and Grass Seed

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Scotts EvenGreen Drop spreader, Grass and Lawn Seed Spreader, for Easy Application of Lawn Products and Grass Seed

Scotts EvenGreen Drop spreader, Grass and Lawn Seed Spreader, for Easy Application of Lawn Products and Grass Seed

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You could think of a lawn feed spreader as a wheelbarrow with holes but much more sophisticated at evenly spreading. A lawn feed spreader is a tool used to help you spread lawn feed faster, and more evenly than you could, just using your hands. Whether it is a small, handheld lawn feed spreader, or a larger version that is mounted on wheels, they basically made up of some kind of container that you fill with seeds or feed and a section that is used for dispersing the contents around your garden. It is important to note that these products are only meant to be used with granular lawn feed, so if you are planning on using a liquid-based fertiliser, you’d be better off shopping for a good garden sprayer or watering can instead. How to use a lawn feed spreader Agri-Fab 45-0462 Push-Type Smartspreader– If you need a professional grade spreader for large lawns, you can’t beat this spreader. An amazing piece of kit. Across larger areas (we’re talking acres!), you can use bigger, towable spreaders – look for a capacity of approximately 40kg to cover ¼ of an acre. Rotary/broadcast spreaders can be either handheld, or have wheels and need to be pushed manually. Handheld spreaders are better suited to a small garden. Convenient on/off switch stops the product from dropping when you stop the spreader without you having to bend down to the lever.

Specification: Spreading width: 3.05-3.66 metres , Capacity: 23 kg , Recommended lawn area: up to around 100 m² , When to use: year-round use It has a max spread width of 0.53 m, so achieves an accurate application and everything is kept firmly under control. However, because of this, it may be a better choice for smaller lawns, or perhaps medium spaces, rather than large areas. However, don’t let those little things put you off, as this is a great little drop spreader and priced very reasonably. This model also features the folding handlebar to make storage easier and to get a comfortable working angle, but again, the height can’t be changed. If you’re working on a large scale, you’ll be able to fit roughly a 20 kg bag of fertiliser or lawn seed into the hopper at a time.Unlike our other Scotts product review, this one is a drop spreader and works in a slightly different way. Where a rotary spreader will use a turntable to throw the fertiliser, weed killer, etc. out in multiple directions, a drop spreader distributes the contents of the hopper straight down. All the parts just push fit together the wheels push on easily, the handle and extensions are all riveted together and slot in. I would say pushing those bits all together took me less than two minutes quite honestly. Here’s a look at that: The rivets just snap together when assembling my lawn spreader What I definitely appreciated though was the stand. I can just rest the spreader upright whilst I load it with seed – without the stand I would be pulling my hair out. Here’s a picture of what I mean: The handle can be adjusted for angle, and folded down for storage. No tools required for assembly. How to use

There is an on/off trigger that comes in very useful when negotiating the corners of your lawn and if used properly will prevent you accidentally dumping too much feeder in one spot which could have adverse effects.

Scotts EvenGreen Drop Spreader 45cm

Please be aware that the battery and charger don’t come with the feeder as standard, and you will have to pay extra for them, quite a bit extra actually, and that is the biggest flaw of the Einhell Power X-change feeder. It’s an excellent product and gives you a really even and uniform spread. It is also very easy to use and requires no physical shaking or turning of handles either. However, it is quite expensive when you compare it to other handheld lawn feed spreaders, and I think that unless you have money to burn, or you plan on using more tools from the same range, the price might put you off. Solo 421 9kg Manual Spreader– A unique hand spreader that you wear. I use this for applying fertiliser on uneven ground. Another feature I thought was a good addition was the lower stand that made refilling the hopper so much easier, and I never felt like it was going to tip out under the weight of the feed.

Scotts EvenGreen Drop Spreader has a drop bar beneath the fertiliser hopper that turns with the axle. This bar has rows of granule-sized indentations along it that are filled from the hopper as it turns. It delivers granules in rows immediately under the spreader as it is wheeled along With a hopper that can hold 23 kilograms of feed, you shouldn’t have to keep stopping to refill too often, nor do you have to worry about clog-inducing contaminants getting mixed in there thanks to a hopper screen and hopper cover being included in the price. This means you can even use it in wet weather, as long as you have a good set of wellies and a raincoat.It can be quite confusing to know what settings to use on your type of lawn spreader, never mind using it with various different products. Use the following table to apply Westland Lawn Care Products with a lawn spreader. This guide will tell you which settings to use to apply at the correct rate. Generally speaking, it’s not as hard to push a broadcast spreader as a drop spreader. The speed of distribution is determined by your pace. You’ll have a lot more control with a drop spreader, but it will take you longer to spread seeds or fertiliser across a whole area.

This lawn feed spreader is a part of Einheell’s Power X-change range of products, and so, is powered by the same 18V lithium-ion battery as other products in the range. What this means is, that if you already own one of these , or you are thinking of buying more in the future, you can use the same battery for multiple tools. There are also directions given for using the best spread rate settings with various types of EverGreen granular products too. To add to that, this model is easy to assemble. In a couple of minutes of reading the instructions, you’re done and it’s ready for use. The 16kg lawn spreader comes with a three-year warranty which indicates that the quality of the model can be trusted. It is a premium-priced product designed with professional use in mind. ProsDrop spreader allows for accurate application of granular products so you don;t put seeds or fertiliser where you don’t want them

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